They're both empty.


I'm sure Gordon will make you proud.

That observation pertains to you, too.

But you can't see anything at all!

We bought a new washing machine.

There on the top of a high mountain they built a small town of their own and lived in peace.

No rain is expected.

That was a masterpiece they often talked about.


Marshall said that he thought Srinivas didn't enjoy the movie.

Dominic finally met Blake.

It's not Hillary you have to watch out for.

Is it ok if I drink all of this?

This is where my father works.


They did a good deed in helping refugees.

Some women tell their hairdressers about all their problems.

Put your pants up, that we can see your tail!

He gave out that he would come over at once and investigate the matter.

It's really humid, isn't it?

He will commit suicide if he can't see his son.

Try as you may, you can't master English in a few months.

Their perspective was very eschatological as if they were a very privileged generation.

I hope you will be quite well again before long.


I awoke to find a burglar in my room.

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Missing you more than ever.

The day after tomorrow I will urge my mother to leave an allowance of 10000 yen at my disposal.

I agree with this opinion.

They used truth serum.

Krzysztof did not raise his head.

Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity.

I don't want them to be unhappy.

When do you need them?

Michelle doused the campfire.


Spy and Andrew are my best friends.


I think that's right.

It's going really well.

I really don't understand what you're talking about.

On this job, you've got to be on your toes all day long.

Why don't you stick around for a few minutes?

I'd like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

"Are these cars yours?" "Yes they are."


Why do you need to go?

He passed the law examination and set up a law office.

She is a trial to her parents.

We need more data.

The poor little girl did nothing but weep.

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It wouldn't work.


Tomas should really wear safety glasses.

Keep this in mind.

He paid the army wages.

What do you think happened to our family?

What kind of person is Major?

We're not leaving without Terri.

That occurrence is inevitable.


Access to A is available from B.

I don't want to interrupt.

We are working to fix this bug.


The Romans would never have had the chance to conquer the world if they had first been required to study Latin.

Cathrin didn't have to leave.

No music, no life.

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Remind me to tell Jianyun to call Sangho.

I live with my parents.

We can do this together.

We were present at the dedication ceremony of the building.

Is there any help available?

Can I offer you some advice?

You must fasten your safety belts in a plane.

I've been very lucky.

Europe is now reported to be entirely free of new cases of this disease.

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This is a wig.

Please book a room for her.

I doubt that Kemal would ever do that kind of thing.

I refuse to answer the question.

She pulled at her heartstrings.

The art teacher paints at night.

There is a man working on the farm.

She sang better than him.

You go to bed at eleven o'clock.

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Why not try talking to the police?

Can we get some more?

Dean waved goodbye and drove off.


You are American.


Not everyone was happy.

She doesn't have many friends in this town.

I want to go wherever you go.


I saw the dog.


It is dangerous to lean out.


They left their house quickly.

Where on earth was I?

Another mistake, and he will be fired.

Shanghai has everything under the sun when it comes to food.

These rules are not very clear.


Now I understand everything.

Dogs can hear sounds at much higher frequencies than humans.

We really thought we could do it.

I would rather go to the art museum than to the movie theater.

I dislocated my shoulder.

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You can use my car as long as you drive it carefully.

The pilot hinted that it might be a UFO.

Helge stopped in Boston on his way back from a business trip to Australia.


We shared the money evenly amongst the three of us.

Did anybody ask Sheila why he did it?

Why did you just say that?

They watched you carefully.

I was at that meeting.


No one saw her take it.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

We've only got three weeks left.

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What sort of person are you?

"Is that Tad's umbrella?" "Yes, that's her umbrella."

I'd like to discuss this with Nancy.

I can't look after my parents and such either.

I have something important to discuss with Donald.

I'll do something else.

Their price is below ours.

Eat not only fish, but also meat.

Two teenagers were suspended from school.

I've made several mistakes in my life.

Stupid brain! Why is saying "galxe" so very difficult with a sore throat?

Mitch climbed up the telephone pole.

We're giving a party tonight.

I'll go tell everybody.

His head was wagging, as he crossed the street, while gazing at the girl behind him.

Can you think of anyone Sanjeev might know here?

Tran started yelling at Subra.

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In addition to being a pianist, she is a painter.

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You know who I am, don't you?

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What's your favorite animated movie?

Jeffery is not my son.

I found them there.

She backed her car into the garage.

Ole mumbled something in French.

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Boyce told me that he doesn't like to study in the morning.

It does more harm than good.

All your problems have been solved.


We are with you.

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What do you do with these?


The Edinburgh Waterfront project could be about to change all that.

What're you going to tell her?

Everything is getting worse.

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Everyone around here likes us.

Maria was especially excited when she saw that the TV broadcast was from her hometown.

Were you expecting something else?


Benson is in stable condition.

In her address, she spoke of unemployed people.

China and Mongolia are separated by the Great Wall of China.

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More than 1,000 more are expected in the next few days.

I need a miracle.

I had instant noodles as a midnight snack.

Can he be trusted?

Did you also invite your friends?


Everything is tough.

What is this bird called?

I'll be more than happy to help.


This book is written in easy English.


I need to know how to do this.

I wasn't expecting you today.

Don't you know that he has been dead for these two years?

Please don't play near the railroad tracks.

I don't want you to think I'm crazy.

Where is the money exchange counter?

We'll try to stop by sometime tomorrow morning.