I wanted to rent a bus.

Triantaphyllos asked Edward to help him with his science project.


The audience applauded for a full five minutes.

This rash should go away by itself in a couple of weeks.

I want to apologize.

The little boy felt secure in his father's arms.

That ticket is good until April 29th.

Mark and Leonor broke off their relationship.

That's all you need.

Mitchell is a polite boy.

Have you ever eaten purple-yam ice cream?


Had it not been for your help, I would have been fired.

She talked long of her experiences abroad.

Judge posted a picture of his puppy on Instagram.

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You do ask a lot of questions.

I don't work on Mondays.

However hard he may try, he won't succeed.

It was pretty discouraging.

You shouldn't have done that without my permission.


It must be a nightmare to clean this place.


I knew Nora would want to go with us.

You seem to ask Duane a lot of questions.

My brother is not as tall as Jiro.

One thing I love about the internet is its timelessness.

She was exactly like a child. She wanted to be with me always.

Reinhard went out to get lunch.

He asked the president to do something.

I keep fit by jogging every morning.

Japan is a strange country.

Marty has a serious problem.

She is no less slender than her sister is.


Why don't you ask him directly?

You need to change clothes before we go to the party.

I've added an alternative sentence and I've tagged it as 'old fashioned'. What more do you want, blood?

That's a really nice story.

The movie was a lot better than I expected it to be.


Time is the best medicine.


They're weird.


He lives in that stately mansion.

Dieter is always trying to impose his will on others.

I was late to school.


Her neighbors were such as you meet everywhere in this country.

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How's the job?


I just couldn't take it anymore.


We need to leave right now.

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Jean-Pierre lives in a big house.


Who are all these people?

He deceives others with his appearance.

The papers say that there was a big fire in Nagoya.

So far as I know, the book has never been translated into Japanese.

Gretchen explained in detail what he had seen.

I was late because of the rain.

We're getting rid of it.


The ship was at the mercy of the sea.

Hugh didn't say when he was coming.

He's an eccentric man who thought that time was not linear.

I told them I was just joking.

The room I booked for you for the meeting on March 23 has been canceled.

I think you're the kind of girl I'd like to marry.

He said that he would be elected and that he would become governor.


I can stay up as late as I want.

Paralysed and yet walking, blind and yet standing, deaf and yet hearing, that is a person who is grieving.

The smoke from factories hung over the town.

Ask someone's hand.

Can you actually imagine doing that?

We've got to save them.

The game will probably be canceled.

You can not swim here.

Julian wants Jarvis.


Enjoy life while you may.

I need to unlock this door.

The experience of a looping discussion in all languages which results in nothing is the cause.

The weather is perfect today.

Fishing is illegal around here.


I'm giving you a chance.

They'll get over it.

What's the name of this flower with serrated petals? I tried looking it up in a encyclopedia, but I couldn't get anything.

"Squeak", said the mouse.

Why does Ginny have a gun?

Which railroad do you prefer to travel on?

No one will stop me.

Is the baby able to walk?

Tell her what you want to do.

All this is simple and easy to understand.

He studies economics at university.

Scott wrapped himself in a warm blanket.

He became a shell of his former self.


We have to tell everybody what happened.


She's about the same age as I am.

Walt looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.

Can we get some coffee?

I was as surprised by Mahmoud's arrest as you were.

I ruined one of my best shirts when I spilled some battery acid on the sleeve.

Why are you awake?

Tuna didn't make a sound.

We'll start over.

I had my car filled up at the service station at the corner.


You have to be proactive.

Did you have a nice Christmas?

He refused to inform them.


Do you know who invented the machine?


How many aunts and uncles do you have?

I need to borrow some money.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like Pilar.

Give him your seat.

You have to stay hydrated.

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I don't think it's a good idea for you to hang out with Tor.


We live in this building.

I couldn't do what Celeste wanted me to do.

I'll put sugar in my coffee.

Hillel is unafraid.

Why didn't I listen to you!

I don't like Nathaniel anymore.

I drink alcohol.

It is springtime.

Read on.


I think you can get it.

They get a great deal of snow in Hokkaido.

Dick plans to go there alone.


A good salesman will not encroach on his customer's time.

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He came late, as is often the case with him.


He did not really want to fight at all.

Can you give me another alternative?

Norbert wanted change.

Duke is a very jealous man.

So what if that's what happened.


Matthieu always yells at Jean-Pierre every time she does something stupid.

We must promote sales.

We were out shopping.

All the criminal charges were trumped-up and the three Taliban detainees had to be released.

Every passenger is searched twice before boarding.

He was a ladies' man.

My mother had no choice but to part with her diamond ring.

Just for this once, let's not have an argument.

The man robbed me of my purse.

You find that it is shaped by science.

Innocence is a beautiful thing.

As time went on, the Queen had a pretty little boy, and it happened that the King was out hunting; so the old witch took the form of the chamber-maid, went into the room where the Queen lay, and said to her, "Come, the bath is ready; it will do you good, and give you fresh strength; make haste before it gets cold."

Hey, let's eat some ice cream afterwards.

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I saw her walking along the kerb.


I've never seen you so angry.


I guess I'm not all that busy.


The thief had special tools for picking locks.


He threw cold water on what I was doing.

I love tapioca pudding.

Let's make the best of this.

Don't worry, go have fun!

I still need to renew my passport.

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This is so unreal.

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Mann is moody, isn't he?

Ending up with being called a "measles exporting country" by the rest of the world, something that you could take as insult or truth.

Only one little boy survived the traffic accident.

Whoever says so, it is not true.

The irreligious scoffed at the bishop's interpretation.

What Victor really wanted was some time with his children.

You have to be somewhat to blame for that.

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Actually, I'm not quite sure.


The color ran when the dress was washed.

So how would you define such a contribution? Does it really need to meet your expectations?

Ofer didn't stay in Boston for very long.