Having a good time, old sport?

The old church is located in the northern part of the city.

Emily is really busy most of the time.

Sandeep has acted wisely.

I've always thought that.

Please turn the car around.

Please wake me at six.

This is an important film.

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Is something wrong with the way I'm doing this?

Count me out.

People may not remember that.

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It really isn't that simple.

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The rumour has already spread.

In nine case out of ten he will be late.

My gay friend met his boyfriend at the beach.

Would you mind telling me one thing?

We won't do it again.

She didn't dare to say anything at that time.

I need to get a stamp.

Among these views, the second one is of importance.

My business address is 465 Fifth Avenue.

Ten years ago the ward office gave us ballpoint pens on the Coming of Age Day.

The dog is chewing on something.

I confess that I am guilty.

You are not a coward.

The drunk driver took the turn too fast, lost control of his car, and sideswiped six parked cars.

From now on, I won't smoke anymore.

They both have a diamond credit card.

I thought you might want to talk.

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We meant it.

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Neal has been waiting for three hours.

I'm nervous when speaking in another language.

I had him carry the baggage to your office.


Marshall will never come back here.

Cut the power off.

I really want to go to the bring and buy and get something unique

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Kimberly invited Hank to the party, didn't he?

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Would you like a tour?

As wisdom grows, and so does pain.

I'm in school.

Giovanni took me out last weekend.

"You'd better come in," the man said.


A few days' rest will do you good.

He seated himself beside her.

What make of car is it?


I didn't take your money.

It is hard, perhaps even impossible, to define normal sensory perception.

We shouldn't do that.

If Grandma doesn't come, the children will be disappointed.

Have a pleasant weekend!

I'm going to get going before this feeling goes!! Well they do say "Strike while the iron is hot."

Marlena is in there somewhere.


Over three thousand people attended the concert.


In the winter I wear a coat on top of my vest.


Could you change this bill, please?

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Greedy cats are out for a fast buck.


Send the bill to me.

You mean the world to me.

Let's presume you're right.


She isn't there again; that happens often.

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I want to make a phone call.

It's getting kind of crowded in here.

Do you watch BBC or CNN?

Gregg didn't know the reason why Bob was crying.

We weren't expecting that he would call to see us.

I won't go away.

Does Vistlik still have that red sports car he used to drive?


I know that you are up to some trick.


Shakil was glad he didn't have to live in Boston for more than a year.


How much are you willing to pay?

I'm bursting for a wee and I can't find a washroom.

It seems that my methods are more up to date.

She was a pioneer in this field.

It's not going to be easy.

Did we run over something?

I don't shake hands.


Julia is someone you can trust.

In the attic is my grandfather's old first-aid kit from World War II.

Earle asked Alice if she could borrow a dress to wear to the dance.

The airplane landed safely on the runway.

I hit them.

Nicholas hasn't been to Boston since October.

Why don't you trust me just for once?


Let's unfold the map on the table and discuss it.


Oh my God, I'm so ashamed.

She is accustomed to doing her homework before dinner.

Stephanie left the company in 2013.

Your hands are pretty.

You need to become more active.

Gunnar bought a gift for Vistlik.

It's no use your saying anything.

I seem to have caught a cold.

Can she see us?


In the past you all used to love virtue and good deeds; why do you no longer love these?

I lost my way in the crowded street.

The boy playing the guitar is my brother.

Just tell him the truth.

He walked out the door and never came back.

Briggs tried to play it cool.

I didn't hang up on you.

A deep sigh was Ethel's only response.

Is that the problem?

I used to go fishing in my school days.

Raif has a scar just below his left eye.


I'm waiting for them.

He ran for his life when the bear appeared.

The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each similar to our sun.

He is close with her.

Milner eats too fast.

He worked hard to save up some money.

Let's get a picture of us with the sea in the background.

I thought you were already in bed.

We captured Les.

Sit down. You are not allowed to stand up.

My opinion was irrelevant.


I think I know what you mean.

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What did you buy from her?

No, thank you. I already ate.

I wish I had not bought such a useless thing.

He looks very tired.

I shake the money box to hear it jingle.

Is it in the public domain?

Kenn went pheasant hunting.

Please go ahead.

What was your score?

Today a law was enacted which allows abortion.

I only have two pieces.


The viper's tongue is never more venomous than when it is coated with honey.

She is a good dancer.

The town is 3 miles from the place.


I outsmarted Norma.

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The buds burst open at the first sign of spring.

Let's not wait for the others.

Why is machine translation useless?

Does Sonja still work here?

Naim threw the apple core into the garbage can.

He shaves his legs.

Yesterday I saw an old acquaintance whom I hadn't seen in ten years.

I wanted to be a journalist.

Math and science were invented by humans to describe and understand the world around us.

I've never been good at riddles.

We're not in the jungle.

He showed me how to make a cake.

I asked everyone what that was.


He's a Pisces.

The clouds scudded across the sky.

They are scant of money.

He has a firm belief.

If Amanda asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

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Narendra is a professional bodybuilder.

I like to write here.

Norway has a very low population density.

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This is what I've long wanted.


They both look good.

In the human body, we find: hair, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, jaw, cheeks, beard, teeth, tongue, etc..

I like nothing so much as to watch baseball games on television.

Catherine put on some rubber gloves so he wouldn't leave fingerprints.

Who are they to tell me what to do?

It's impossible to get there by noon.

I doubt if he will come.

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There are things about me you don't know.

Kristian has left us forever.

Have you ever dated a girl?

The seat cushions were filled with foam rubber.

I studied for perhaps two hours.