You'll find out later.

I am basking in the spring sun.

How many tiles should we buy?

I am older than you.

She suffers from low blood pressure.

These problems are all solvable.

We could see "Cabinet of Dr. Bagoff" written next to the door.

I do it because I enjoy it.

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The hotel is noted for its food.

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Has it occurred to you that you might be the one with the problem?

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We'll get good grades.

You did well.

I want you to ride with them.

Sangho said that he had never planned on living in Boston for so long.

You have opened the cages.

All Kirsten wants is love.

This page intentionally left blank.

It is wrong to think that men are superior to women.

Soldiers on both sides were dying by the millions.

He won't be back tomorrow.

This car is very expensive.

You do get around, don't you?

The convention voted on the issue sixty times.


Sanche has three soccer trophies.

Hey, it's just a story.

In my opinion, a well-designed website shouldn't require horizontal scrolling.

I cleared his doubts.

The twins smiled.

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This is the first time I've ever wasted so much time.

In the long run we are all dead.

I wish you hadn't done that.

Do you really think it'll work?

McClellan wasted no time.


This is for you, Old.

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I haven't seen her in three days.

Where did the other one go?

I used to respect Janos.

She's itching to dance.

It's easy for monkeys to climb trees.

He ran off with another woman.

I don't want you to ring me up all the time.


You should put those sentences in Tatoeba.

I use an electric toothbrush.

Someone has to pay the price.

It is necessary to fight AIDS with whatever weapons are at hand.

Can I get you guys drinks?

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I heard Jerald tapping his foot to the music.

Cathryn prefers whole-grain cereals.

I think you owe me ten dollars.


My train leaves at six o'clock and arrives there at ten o'clock.

Pratap is on the plane.

That will let you blow off steam.

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There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?


My friends live in the same house as me.

Do you want to speak to Kristian?

He's getting up early.

Nature is under attack on all fronts.

Friendship requires mutual trust.

I'm going to talk to Part myself.

They haven't been friends since that quarrel.

The policeman said to the girls, "Is this car yours?"

Permit me to stay.

Might this restaurant have pilaf?

Jin was sitting on a log.

Cookie is drinking.

A large amount of money was spent on the new bridge.

I'll reconsider the matter.

The guest was not ashamed of his silly conduct at all.

They fished the stream for trout.

Wherever you go, you'll be welcomed.


I can choose between tea and coffee.

There's a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

I can't believe we got invited.


Tell Earnie I've got his keys.


This is a book about obesity.

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Life is but a flash of lightning, beauty lasts for a single day! Think about the skulls of the dead that are all alike.

Please come and see me again.

The club has more than fifty members.

I like her none the less for her faults.

Brent cut class again today.

Why would that bother them?

Mickey is guilty.

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Hello, my friend! How are you?

Where's my brandy?

Archie was proud of you.

Do you have a red pencil?

I'll give him a hand.


When Einstein said, "Things should be as simple as possible--but no simpler," he meant "Simpler is better--but only to the edge of simplistic."

We need twenty eggs all told.

Players must adhere to the rules of the game.


The press is not allowed inside.

Be kind to old people.

They moved to New York, but adapted easily to their new surroundings.

I do pretty well.

Suddenly I got lucky.

We're not good enough.

I have sunglasses.

My brother is anxious for fame.

That hole should be filled, not covered.

I want you to say you're not going back to Boston.

He has a bad fashion sense.

I don't have time to do that now.

We were cut off while talking on the telephone.

Don't talk about work, we're on vacation.

What are you telling me for?

We are definitely leaving this country.

Rice gruel is easy to digest.

When her husband died, she felt like killing herself.

We must be healthy.

Nobody lives here.

Let go of the dog.

I'm no use to anyone.

My job is just as important to me as your job is to you.

A year will pass before we see each other again.

There is no denying that she is very efficient.

How many people do you think are in the audience?

He broke up the chair for firewood.


This jacket is a tight fit.

Oh my god! My passport's missing!

You'd make her the happiest woman on earth if you did that.

Have you ever dug a hole as deep as this one?

Melanie is eating an apple.

Why aren't you inside?

How important is this?

It's really easy for me to speak Japanese.

I hope I'm not bothering you.


I don't think she's faking.

He's always short of money.

Andries asked us what we wanted to do.

I think it's time for me to give her a ride home.

Would you mind if we discussed this later?


I'll bet you didn't sleep a wink last night.


My car is not running.

There's still a possibility that that'll happen.

Under what name did you work as agent?

Were you tired?

It's OK to think of 'five minutes' as a noun phrase, right?


The news traveled all around Europe.

Tobias's my friend, too.

Do you want to be left out?

Sehyo became a singer.

The post office is just across from the store.

Loyd said he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Tolerant.

If Clark were here, he'd know what to do.


Why don't you join the party?

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She perceived that her husband was unhappy.

I can't see them.

Jiri spent a few months in Boston.

Even though Suzan still had tears in his eyes, he began to smile.

Rod thought about it and agreed that Gregg was right.

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I decided the same.

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Dan insisted he was innocent.


Do you have any plans for tonight?

Craig can't find one.

I don't have a solution but I admire the problem.


He is yet to know the truth.

If it were not for his assistance, we could not carry out the project.

If you don't love yourself, no one else will.


How many days do you want to stay in Boston?

That's my job.

Elric said he'd be home for dinner.

Let me get you some ice.

Whoever admits to his cowardice shows courage.

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I count them every day.

A mirror wall in the room creates an illusion of spaciousness.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Back up your files.

It's better than the movie.